Why You Need to Show Your Appreciation, Now!

It’s a cost-effective concept; minimum input with maximum reward.  All it takes is a couple minutes out of your day to give credit where it’s due and it makes people feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside with a grin stretching from ear-to-ear.

Let’s rewind: When we were wee little ones, it was inevitable that we were going to have to get up on our own two feet and trade in our time & hard-work in an effort to exchange a substantial amount of currency… a.k.a find a job.

We’ve all been there; starting out as a camp counsellour during the summer months, then as a server at a chain restaurant to make some dough all the while juggling school, and then finally get out into the “real world” – our first official job fresh out of college.

While it’s great to receive a bi-weekly paycheck and see that the bank account has once again bounced back in the green,

Appreciation at its Finest - mini shopping spree, woot!

I can’t help but voice how much value I also find in expressed appreciation.   It’s a wonder how big of an impact just a few words of appreciation from upper management has on you.  Music to my ears.

To be honest, we probably do our jobs just fine most of the time.  It’s those rare occasions when someone actually stops to notice your effort, feels the need to recognize you for it, and proceeds to genuinely thank you or let you know what a fantastic job you’ve done that make all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it (maybe even those late 11:30PM nights if it’s a handwritten letter).

To that I say: why are these encounters few and far between?!

Once again, it’s such a cost-effective concept; it’s a pat on the back,  job well done email, or a little thank you note you can frame/laminate/cherish and read over and over again.

So let’s show our appreciation to the best of our ability and see what wonders that’ll do for our relationships (I suppose both professionally and romantically – take note, hubbies)!



  1. viv

    hello, just wanted to say that you’re doing a fantastic job with the blog so far. keep going!

    and i totally agree, people need to take the time to acknowledge one another. it’s such a nice thing to do! makes me feel nice and fuzzy inside.

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