2 Girls, 1 Super Bowl

I understand the absolute bare minimum with football.  I don’t know the details, but I still appreciate the game.  The Super Bowl is probably the only time of the year I sit through an entire game, and in doing so, there’s also quite a bit of indulgence in cheesy nachos, pizza, and bier; exactly what us two ladies did on what may be the manliest day of the year.

We also landed on what might potentially be a new and unusual Super Bowl tradition: Menchie’s.


As my Menchie’s V-card was being stripped of me, Torrie/Tory couldn’t have described the Menchie’s Way any better: “It’s like Build-A-Bear, but with frozen yogurt”.  

“It’s like Build-A-Bear, but with froyo”

The Menchie’s Way: self-serve yogurt and toppings sold by the ounce.

Menchie’s Toppings Bar consisting of a plethora of candies, chocolates/chocolate chips, cookie dough, cheesecake crust crumbles, mochie, boba, cereals, nuts, fruits, and syrups.

The interior may closely resemble an 8-year-old girl’s bedroom; a margarita green base with bubblegum pink swirls and photos of jbiebs & selena gomez/taylor swift & taylor lautner sightings plastered on the wall, but they mean srsbsns (serious business).

Walking into a Menchie’s is like being teleported onto another planet; very Willy Wonka-esque.  Every detail of the store is “Menchie-ized”.  Your trip begins the moment you step through the doors and begin filling your cute Menchie’s cup.  Proceeding to pay,  you pick up the world’s most adorable custom-made spoon while eyeing the Menchie’s memorabilia propped next to the cashier: Menchie’s lipbalm, toys, stickers, accessories, apparel – you name it, they’ve got it..

I realize this may not look the most appetizing, but this is my mix: Frozen Hot Chocolate froyo with hella lots of mochi, lychee & mango boba, and two brownie pieces.

So why do all of this?  Unlike other froyo shops that have come and gone, Menchie’s is here to stay because oddly enough, they’re not in the business of just selling you frozen yogurt.  They’re really here to sell you something so much more: an experience logged as a warm memory that conjures a sense of cultural “Menchi-land” community that’ll keep you coming back for more.



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