Highway to Hell

It’s only been 48 hours and St. Louis has proved to be quite the adventure…

What should have been a straightforward drive on I44 actually ended up being a treacherous drive up terrain and winding roads in pitch black with the occasional mammal literally demonstrating the deer in headlights look.

Google Maps thoughtfully planned out the easy route that would lead me straight to the hotel, but between blasting z107.7 (American version of z103?) and belching out to Kelly Clarkson & Adele, I veered off the proposed direction and started to create my own route.  Eventually (~20 minutes later), I noticed I was completely off the grid and finally looked at the GPS, which at that point had re-routed me to highway 100.

Two words: never again.

To put it into perspective, what should have been like any other calm drive on the highway in the evening…

…ended up looking more like the “scenic route”…

…except since it was during the evening, the more accurate representation would actually be…

…all the while:

1) continuously driving uphill of a 45 degree inclination;

2) winding roads exactly like the drag races in Initial D;

3) playing frogger with my furry little friends-soon-to-be-roadkill-if-they-don’t-gtfo:

 Long story short, if you’re ever passing through St. Louis, take it from me and don’t take highway 100 at night. ‘Nuff said.


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