The Best Ribs (and Corn) I’ve Ever Had

Pappy’s Smokehouse

106 Olive Street  St. Louis, MO

Any trip to St. Louis would be incomplete without a nice rack of ribs.  After much googling, I decided on a place about 70 miles away for supposedly the best ribs in St. Louis.  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Pappy’s Smokehouse

As soon as you pull into the parking lot and swing the car door open, you’re surrounded by smoky barbecue essence.  The closer you walk to the entrance doors, the more pungent the woody flavours; quite reminiscent of the annual ribfest but a couple notches up.

I ended up with the juciest half-rack and two sides: deep fried corn (ridiculously delicious and not greasy at all – such a pleasant surprise!) and sweet potato fries (literally; the fries are tossed in something similar to brown sugar).

Each table comes with three sauces (also available for purchase, along with other Pappy’s memorabilia, e.g. caps, shirts):

1) Pappy’s Original: the typical musky bbq flavour

2) Sweet Baby Jane: a sweet bbq sauce; named after the manager’s daughter (my favourite!)

3) Holly’s Hot Sauce: the flavours were tabasco-like but sadly without the kick

It’s an all-American restaurant, that oddly enough is run by Canadian Mike Emerson.  Born and raised in Montreal, Mike moved to STL roughly a year ago and while the culture out here is different, Pappy’s makes it all worth it.  Everyone at the restaurant (both employees and customers) are so welcoming and make you feel just at home.  Bruins fans watch out though (i.e. poor Bostonian who sat next to me), Mike’s a Canadiens fan at heart!

Fantastic hosts: Mike & Tim


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