Who eats Cupcakes for Dinner?

Stop #1

STL’ s best cupcake shop, the Cup by the Central West End.

325 East Walnut Street  Springfield, MO

the Cup

I had my eye on the limited edition Maple Bacon cupcake: maple brown sugar frosting, bacon-topped maple pecan cake, toasted pecans, and candied bacon; and couldn’t resist myself from the popular Tuxedo cupcake: vanilla buttercream, dark chocolate cake, and mini Oreo cookie.

Maple Bacon & the Tuxedo

The CWE is actually a pretty cute area; yorkville-esque (note they don’t check the parking meters after 7PM… wish
I knew that beforehand), especially the unique and oddly chic Chess Club.  Got invited in for a quick tour (thanks to both Mike’s!) and was in the presence of the “Grand Master” Ben Finegold himself (a big shot in STL chess).  Apparently chess championship games can run as long as 6 hours over the course of 12 days, and you somehow burn a ton of calories from it… #gymsubtitute.  That’s a whole lotta chess.

STL's Official Chess Club

Stop #2

2 classic St. Louis foods; toasted ravioli and STL-style pizza at none other than Rigazzi’s at the Hill.  Famous for their toasted ravioli and super-thin St. Louis pizza and provel cheese.

4945 Daggett Ave  St Louis, MO

Toasted Ravioli

unorthodox pizza cut, of course.



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