Momofuku Obsession

207 Second Avenue, New York, NY

Never did I think it was possible, but the 4 months working in NYC had me exhausted of consuming steak and sushi (not together, obviously).  Since then I haven’t touched a single perfectly charred and seasoned juicy ribeye or vibrantly fresh and creamy uni.  This weekend was going to be all about trying popular tourist-y places that are actually good.

Welcome Momofuku: in particular Booker and Dax, Manhattan’s new high-tech cocktail lounge.  It’s every fast-forward mixologist’s dream; cooling glasses with a pour and swirl of liquid nitrogen, or alternatively heating drinks up with what they call “Red Hot Poker”, a rod with a built-in 1,500-degree heater created by the owner himself.  Feeling hungry? The infamous steamed pork buns are on the menu, along with other popular items such as country ham slices and ham chips (think large and light Indonesian shrimp chips with, in essence, ham flavoured powder).

What I love about B&D is its close proximity to Milk Bar (right across the street, which unfortunately I didn’t get to visit… cornflake+marshmallow cookie, you will be mine) but more importantly the “secret tunnel” to Momofuku Ssäm.  Only steps away from another David Chang revolutionary creation… and more steamed pork buns!

the Laboratory @ Booker & Dax at Ssäm

Mad Scientist at Work: Torching my Hindenberg @ B&D

the hindenberg – cognac, bitters, ale, lemon

ham chips @ B&D

Ssäm Bar

Pork Buns!! @ Ssäm Bar

pork shoulder steak | poached chicken


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