Best Wafels in the World

Wafels and Dinges!/waffletruck

I hate to be the bearer of bad news: what you thought you knew about your favourite place to have the “best” Belgian waffles isn’t actually the best.

You know all that time you spent waiting in a line of famished eager-beavers just waiting to get their grubby hands on those delicious waffles? I wish you could go back in time because you were so jipped.

The real question is, where can you get the best Belgian waffles? I’d normally say with a name like that, it only makes sense that you go to Belgium for them, and for those of you out in Europe, well you know what to do.  Otherwise, hands-down my go-to is… the Wafels & Dinges waffle truck in New York City.

I first saw these waffles at Union Square’s annual Christmas Market, but the long lines drove me away and being so  disappointed in the past, I didn’t think there could be any reasonable justification for the long line other than people wanting subpar waffles.   In comes a fellow Belgian who just moved to NYC half a year ago.  She swore by the W&D, saying it was pretty darn close to the real deal back home.  Intrigued, I ventured on what ended up being a 45 minute adventure to the land of the mysterious waffle truck.You see, I was always disappointed with any waffle selection I had made in the past.  Whether it was for Sunday brunch or post-dinner in a creperie/dessert bar, they were always too bland, didn’t have any texture to them, and the only thing that made the waffle were the toppings.  The waffle itself tasted like a plain Eggo.
Wafels & Dinges, Dutch for “waffles and things”, joined in the surge of food truck popularity a few years ago.  They serve two kinds of waffles: the Belgian waffle and the Brussels waffle.  The Belgian waffle is glazed and crispy, whereas the Brussels is on the lighter and fluffier side.  For those interested in the Brussels waffle, the right way to eat it (according to the Belgian) is just with powdered sugar.

Post-mangling: click to see the cute msg!

Similar to any other waffle you’ve had, D&W offers your standard toppings; mainly fresh strawberries, sliced bananas, decadent chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.  What makes this food truck so unique is the topping that hails all the way from Belgium: spekuloos.  Spekuloos is described as a gingerbread spread, but I think it tastes more like crushed graham crackers.  If you’ve ever had gaufrettes, they taste exactly like that.  It’s a breath of fresh air in the waffle scene, and offers a little taste of Belgium I haven’t tasted anywhere else.  Tidbit: after checking-in to W&D 10 times on foursquare, you automatically qualify for a free jar of spekuloos!

I’ve seen this truck on Eat St. featuring savoury waffles, though I’ve never actually seen anyone order them.  The only one I can remember is the pulled-pork waffle – if you’re feeling adventurous, this seems like a must-try for you!

If you’ve got a mad craving for a Belgian waffle, but just want to taste its heavenly properties without overstuffing yourself, you can order the mini wafel for a mere $3!

Now you get your butt off your couch and make a run for the nearest Wafels & Dinges truck!  You can follow them on Twitter to see where they’re located daily; from what I remember there’s usually one around Columbus Circle and another where Madison meets Central Park.



    • the French Coast

      Haha, very true! I should rename the post to be best wafels in NYC. I’ve never had the privilege of visiting Belgium, but this upcoming year I should be able to. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Tonuri de apel

    I recommend you get in Belgium(specifically in Brussels) to taste as many types of chocolate are delicious.
    I recommend this brand of chocolate:
    You can buy 100-200 gram gourmet bars of chocolate in grocery stores for about €1 each. Good Belgian brands are Côte-d’Or and Jacques.
    -Chocopolis 81 Rue du Marché aux Herbes. Between Grand Place and Central Station – reasonable prices.
    -Maison Renardy 17, rue de Dublin 1050 +32 02 514 30 17 Bruxelles. A great boutique shop – stop by for a cup of tea or coffee, and get one of their chocolates free with your tea.

    • the French Coast

      How very kind of you; thank you!

      I just googled the two places and they both look really good… I’ll be dedicating that post to you when I get around to visiting them, so keep your eyes peeled!

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