St. Patty’s in Boston

Guinness Man!

Apologies for this way overdue post (especially since the event is actually attached to the nature of the post itself… oops).  Flew into Boston late Friday with the intention of celebrating St. Patty’s on Saturday and do some sightseeing on Sunday before flying out again in the evening.

Excited for a crazy weekend of Emerald madness, we were locked and loaded with a plan that originally excluded any form of shopping and incorporated minimal sightseeing, where the majority of the time/evening would be spent downtown… hmm, that didn’t quite go according to plan.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

To paint a picture: two girls; a relatively new city to explore with young/model-esque/nonchalant men; beautiful architecture with endless photoshoot ops;  intrigued by the lavish sound of Newbury Street and high-end thrift shops;  needless to say we really didn’t stick to the plan.

Doesn’t sound so bad, especially post-Ryan Gosling sighting, wouldn’t you say (shooting myself in the foot here… sorry to disappoint: pic or it didn’t happen, right? Ugh!)?

Do you see how far that line extends?! It’s only 10:30AM!

Fanheuil Hall

destroyed those nachos, only to be followed by a lobster roll mmm

Boston Common. I think we saw Quidditch players here…

“Dinner”: Mint Choco – my fav!

Beantown Pub: we owe our night to you!

With the ETA of downtown Boston being pushed later and later, we finally arrived at 11:00PM, and had only one hour to spare until St. Patty’s was officially over and the green festivities were so yesterday. Amidst the worst-case-scenarios that were to follow, we were desperate to make up for lost time and I fought for my people a good fight (we’re not all light-weights!).  As expected, hailing cabs at the end of the night was a nightmare, and I pity the fool who selfishly turned one down (you know who you are…), only to realize in desperation what a bad move she had made – good on us for being the bigger person!

Day of departure, we wake early to visit the oldest college in the US that bleeds crimson; Harvard University.  A shorts-worthy gorgeous day to arrive in Cambridge and enjoy brunch among the most intelligent minds of the near future.

“Where is Harvard?”

Harvard Hall!

Yay, open concept! #vitaminD




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