Easter in San Francisco

Had a fantastic long weekend in the west coast; it’s been months since I’ve been and I missed it so dearly.  Much chillier than what I expected (i.e. shorts + tee weather), but given that it was in the bay area, I suppose in hindsight I’m not too surprised.  Went around doing some sightseeing that I never previously got to do, and also partook in my first official food truck event!

Sightseeing Highlights

Golden Gate from the Marin Headlands

On our way to Point Bonita

Fort Mason with GG in the distant

Two thumbs up for FB HQ

Perfect Night for Twin Peaks

Off the Grid Highlights

Off the Grid (OTG) is a weekly San Francisco food-truck get together, with approximately 30 trucks serving hundreds of people every Friday at Fort Mason with live music.  As my first food truck event, I read tons of recommendations and made sure to arrive as early as possible to avoid any crazy line-ups or even worse, the trucks being sold out.

As much as I wanted to try something from every single truck, it just wasn’t feasible (for my stomach or wallet).  Next time, I’m making it a mission to try 1) garlic noodles @ An the Go, 2) lumpias @ Hapa SF, 3) California burrito @ Senor Sisg.

Find below honourable mentions from the evening! :

Haha, OTG Noob

1st Place: 3SUM EATS

Mac n Cheese Spring Rolls: ohhhh baby; these mac n cheese spring rolls were so creatively delicious… gooey mac n cheese wrapped in a perfectly crispy and non-greasy spring roll, served with a rich cheese fondue sauce

2nd Place: TIEBREAKER…


Tiramisu: a ladyfinger crust, espresso soaked cake, topped with marscapone frosting and shaved chocolate… IT’S SO FLUFFAY. One of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had; really nice light texture.

[ The other cupcake is a gingerbread lemon cupcake (an OTG exclusive); really good gingerbread flavour, but the frosting was a bit too much for me]

The Chairman

Tender Pork Belly Bun: slightly crispy pork belly on a steamed bao, topped with daikon… super num! The daikon is a nice touch and change in texture versus David Chang’s.

[ I also had the Coca-Cola Braised Pork: pork belly braised in coca-cola on a steamed bao, topped with cabbage and mustard seeds… The pork belly was really tender, but I was upset I couldn’t taste any coke infused into the pork at all; kind of a let down! ]

3rd Place: El Porteno

Mushroom Empanada: a light, crispy, flaky pastry encompassing perfectly cooked and flavourful mushrooms; my first empanada and it was soo good… the empanada was a little on the greasy side and the inside is scorching hot; beware!

What better place to experience the food truck scene than in SF.  If you’re ever in the area, you should make it out to Off the Grid at least once, and remember to get there early to skip the lines and grab a seat!  Happy Eating!



    • the French Coast

      Thanks darling! I know right?! I’ve had my fair share of cupcakes and those were really some of the best ones I’ve had (could do a little less on the frosting though). Thanks for stopping by!

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