“High Tea”

For my dedicated readers, you’ll know that I mainly travel in the US and never overseas.  I decided to change things up a bit and hence, have been MIA for the last little bit.  I took a short 3-week vacay half way across the world travelling in Asia bouncing back and forth from Hong Kong with mini-trips to Taiwan and Bali (featured in the next posts) in between.


Hong Kong

To paint a picture, it’s like a combination of the following:

A) population density of Times Square EVERYWHERE

B) NYC’s constantly buzzing cabs, except switching the yellow out for red and minus the honking

C) San Francisco’s constant low-hanging fog

D) Miami’s humidity hitting at least 40 degrees

E) Seattle’s showers

I spent most of my time in HK with family, so I unfortunately don’t have any photos of the city, but I did get to enjoy a social convention that is wildly popular here: “high tea” a.k.a afternoon tea.

As if meeting over a grande bold at Starbucks wasn’t enough, young Asian women love catching up over an intricately designed tower of petite savoury and sweet bites coupled with a dainty cup of tea overlooking the harbour or cityscape at some of the most deluxe hotels.

Find below a list of high-tea escapades from my trip to Hong Kong (passed on the Peninsula this time around… experienced it last time and I think it’s overhyped though it is the original!) from most to least favourite; enjoy!

1. Afternoon Tea @ Lobby Lounge, Intercontinental

– Delicious notes: earl grey tea jelly for the scones (not pictured); prawn & caviar-topped bagel; caramel-puff mini tart-wich; prosciutto & asparagus sammie

– Come here on a clear day for the harbour view, or else you’ll see nothing but fog out the ceiling-to-floor windows

– Surprise panna cotta dessert (as if all five cakes weren’t enough… lawls)

2. Afternoon Tea @ Blue Bar, Four Seasons

– Delicious notes: “apple pie” shooters, egg salad cups, smoked salmon layered between phyllo

– Rest of the menu wasn’t too memorable

– Same tea set from the Lounge without the 4+ hour wait

3. Chocolate Afternoon Tea @ Chocolate Library (Cafe 103), the Ritz Carlton 

– Delicious notes: duck foie gras waffle; chocolate mille-feuille (very strong hazelnut taste mmm!), green tea pound cake, signature hot chocolate (not pictured)

– The bites increase in sweetness as you move up the Chocolate Box

– While the presentation is beautiful, the flavours get old quite quickly as its excessively sweet and overwhelmingly rich (should’ve thought of that before ordering… it is called chocolate afternoon tea, afterall). Those with a sweet tooth: this place is for you! Otherwise, once is probably good enough.

– Sitting at the highest building in all of Hong Kong, you get quite a captivating view.

Is “high tea” popular where you’re from?  What are some good places you’ve been to?



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