Night Market Bonanza

Taipei, Taiwan

From the pictures I’ve seen, Taiwan is such a beautiful country, and I hate to admit I didn’t get to experience enough of it (excuse that I’ll just have to revisit in the future).  Enjoy photos from my short 4-day trip here!

Shilin Night Market (pc: Neil Wade!)

Shilin Night Market

Scooters: Widely Popular Mode of Transportation

Dumpling Masters @ Ding Tai Fung

Taipei 101

The Grand Hotel: oldest hotel in Taipei

Dansui’s Lover Bridge on a not-so-lovely day

National Palace Museum

My first Foot Massage!

Since I wasn’t able to eat/see/do as much as I had hoped, I’m also attaching a list of things I’m determined to do next time around:

– Night Market goodies: oyster omelette, crispy chicken, oyster thick vermicelli, steak platter, chua bin (shaved ice)

– Yang Ming Shan 陽明山國家公園 and “The Top”  屋頂上

– Jiufen 九份

– Hotsprings in Beitou

Did I miss anything on the list?  Any additional recommendations?



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