Bonjour, Mes Amis!

Sorry about being so terrible with keeping everyone posted!

It’s already been a week, and for the most part I’m all settled in besides some paperwork I have yet to complete (god damn the French).

I don’t officially start classes until the end of this month, so I’ve got a couple weeks of buffer time to familiarize myself with the city/school/meet everyone.  My res is like Saugeen on crack; the bunch here are insane!

Won’t bore you too much, but some trop cool places I’ve been to consist of Les Calanques, Le Vieux Port, and Notre Dame de la Garde – enjoy the pictures!

Tous, vous me manquez!

Les Calanques

– For the clearest and nearest turquoise waters

Trek down…

…40 minutes later

Getting ready to jump 😉

Le Vieux Port

– main harbour of Marseille

18th Century Carousel near the Port

Couldn’t resist!

Notre Dame de la Garde

– Basilica with one of the best views of Marseille

The Basilica from afar perched on a hill

View of Marseille from the Top (with the petit train we took up the hill)

The Basilica

Looking out onto The Mediterranean

* shout-out to everyone I pillaged photos from (Emma, Jorge, Vi, Cynthia, Rob); you’re the best!


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