Word of the Week: Sprüüüngli


Why do we always have friends that we genuinely mean to meet up with, but never get around to actually doing it?

A dear childhood friend of mine and I are finally getting together nearly after two years of making brunch plans – and in the oddest of situations, meeting in Zurich and then spending the week travelling around Switzerland (Zermatt, Bern, Gruyere, Geneva…).


Zurich is the shopping-central of Switzerland.  Bahnhofstrasse is world famous for their luxury jewellery, watch, and designer stores adored with a Jelmoli, Globus, or Manor on every corner. For something less flashy, try veering off the main roads onto the cobblestone paths with small, unique stores – but don’t be fooled though, the price tag will have you just as floored!


Shopping aside, a must-do is a visit to the original Confiserie Sprüngli (pronounced sh-proong-lee) in Paradeplatz. Known as one of the most renowned confectioners in Zurich, Sprüngli kicks ass in all fronts.  We stopped by for some lunch (need to try their berry müseli next time…), but the highlight was definitely the chocolate and desserts; their Luxemburgerli and Chocolat Chaud came out on top.

Luxemburgerli is a type of pastry only known to Sprüngli and can be best described as a mini macaron. I highly recommend the Champagne flavour – the alcohol comes through just enough as to not overpower the delicateness of the macaron; yum!

The chocolate chaud, not too rich and made with an insanely delicious dark chocolate, was the perfect drink for a chilly Swiss day.


We spent the rest of the day roaming the streets before having dinner and heading to “home-base” for the upcoming week, i.e. Lausanne.


*All photos are courtesy of my friend, Polly. If you like what you see here, you should check out her blog – I promise it’s a good one: http://blog.pollyauyeung.com

Foodie Central

  • Rösti: grated potato formed into pancakes and then pan-fried until crisp; served with a dollop of creme fraiche
  • Zürigschnätzlets: veal served with a cream and wine sauce
  • Luxemburgerli: mini “macarons” served at Confiserie Sprüngli; features Classic as well as Seasonal flavours

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