To zee Matterhorn!


Just because I don’t know how to ski doesn’t mean I can’t visit the mountains… right?


As we took the 2 trains to Zermatt, followed by the funicular, cable car, and gondola up past Sunnegga and Blauherd to Rothorn, it didn’t strike me for a second that my all-black outfit and MK boots didn’t fit in with the herd of neon-coloured outfits, reflective goggles, and bulging skis.


To compensate for my lack of skiing skills, I had highly considered paragliding from Rothorn (~2700m), but I knew it was a bad idea as soon as we got off the gondola and was welcomed by piercing snow pellets coming at us at 60km/h. We could barely walk without being blown off the mountain, let alone hanging by a parachute.


Pictured above is the Matterhorn, arguably the most popular mountain of the Alps that sits at ~4500m. We spent hours enjoying the view from an open cafe in Blauherd, sitting on a comfy sofa getting our tan on with the sun blazing down on us while enjoying a cup of vin chaud and Zermatt-themed flammkeuche with live music strumming in the background.CIMG5799

Zermatt itself is a cute and quaint community.  There’s a little bit of everything for everyone: fancy 5-star hotels or cozy wooden lodges, warm and rustic restaurants with rabbit fur throws or doner kebab shops, Bucherer stores or cheesy souvenir shops.  At night, the city is transformed by the stringing Christmas lights, illuminating and giving the impression of a real-life Santa’s Village.


*Photocred goes out to the talented, Polly AuYeung.  Why not take a gander on her blog?

Foodie Central

  • Jägertee: mix of rum and black tea; popular apres-ski beverage

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