The City of Bears


Is it just me, or are bears everywhere in Bern?

I spent most of my time in Bern’s old town, known as Altstadt, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, meaning that an organization run by the United Nations has deemed certain historical and culturally-enhanced sites to be worthy of protecting for future generations.


The difference between coming during the summer and winter is unreal… wish those sunny photos were actually taken when I visited.

*Photocred to my friend, Polly, for those summer photos. Check out her blog:


Image   CIMG5815
Image   Image

Foodie Central

  • Mandelbärli: supposedly almond-flavoured bear-shaped sponge cakes @ Beck Glatz Confiseur – I say supposedly because I think they taste more like honey; I recommend the Original over the other flavours I tried (Chocolate and Irish Cream)

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