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ein bier, bitte!

Oktoberfest is one hell of a time. Held in Munich, the Theresienwiesen grounds are occupied by roughly 8-12 huge beer tents for ~3 weeks of Oktoberfest.  There are mini stands in the park selling a variety of roasted nuts, souvenirs, bratwvrst, desserts, etc; but the tents also serve more traditional sit-down foods.


From what I gather, most Germans actually think it’s overrated (especially when tourists attend only with an alpine hat and sans-lederhosen/dirndl), but to the rest of the world, it’s the beer festival of the year.

Fulfilling the tourist stereotype… Double-fisting the 1L steins!

I’ve been raving about going to “die Wiesn”, as the locals call it, since I found out I was moving to Europe (it was actually on my bucket list!).  You often hear people say music brings people together – on the contrary, I think beer does a much better job of it.

I have a hard time carrying one, let alone six at a time – jesus, woman!

The first day we arrived, we did some shopping around Marienplatz and Maximillian Strasse [cue orange box ;)… ] and passed out before we knew it so that we could wake up bright and early for the “Einzug der Festwirte” aka the first parade featuring the owners of the beer tents.


Lowenbrau Brewery Cart

Following the parade, the weather was so terrible so we figured we’d try to get in bright and early the next day instead, and so we went to Hofbrauhaus Munchen (the actual restaurant, not the beer tent) – definitely a good time.  The company was so amazing – honestly too good for words! We ended up spending hours upon hours there (the rest of the day until midnight); comes highly recommended!

Case and Point: these guys from Moscow were too much fun

I was also really excited to finally try German food and couldn’t have asked for a better place to eat at. My extent of German food had only consisted of the wvrst platter from Bier Markt, which probably isn’t very authentic (?), so needless to say Bavaria had me at Guten Tag.  Must-try’s when in Germany include their pretzels, schweinebratin, schweinshaxe, schnitzel, roast chicken (of all things), and kaiserschmaarn (if you’ve got a sweet tooth).

Pretty much sums up Oktoberfest

The one song you absolutely have to know how to sing: Ein Prosit.  It’s the most popular Oktoberfest song to stand up and cheers with everyone (mind you this is also played probably every 10 minutes – you get friendly reaaal fast)!

Lowenbrau tent interior – thanks for the stein ;)!

Weinzelt-Nymphenburger Sektkellerei tent interior