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The Ultimate 1-Day Swiss Eating Experience

Part I: Fondue

Step 1: Go to Gruyères, Switzerland.


Step 2: Make a visit to Le Chalet de Gruyères.


Step 3: Order the Gruyère Fondue. Enjoy.
(N.B. this entire melting pot of cheesy goodness was only considered as one portion).


Step 4: Walk off the calories to La Maison du Gruyère.Image

Step 5: Experience an AOC cheese-making experience.


Part II: Swiss Chocolate

Step 1: Go to Broc, Switzerland.


Step 2: Make a visit to Maison Cailler Chocolaterie. The recipe here is even more top secret than Coca-Cola, so don’t get your hopes up!


Step 3: Take a tour of the most interactive museum I’ve ever been to, and to reward yourself, stuff your face with 20+ kinds of Cailler chocolate in the tasting room. Once again, enjoy.


Foodie Central

  • Gruyère fondue: a melting, oozing pot of moitié-moitié  (half-and-half, though it’s not necessarily 50/50) of Gruyère and Vacherin cheese, as well as white wine and garlic.  To be had with cubes of bread, potatoes, pickles, and pearl onions.
  • Cailler chocolate: my personal favourites include Cremant (64%) and Frigor Noir (50% with a creamy hazelnut and almond filling).

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Word of the Week: Sprüüüngli


Why do we always have friends that we genuinely mean to meet up with, but never get around to actually doing it?

A dear childhood friend of mine and I are finally getting together nearly after two years of making brunch plans – and in the oddest of situations, meeting in Zurich and then spending the week travelling around Switzerland (Zermatt, Bern, Gruyere, Geneva…).


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