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Best Wafels in the World

Wafels and Dinges!/waffletruck

I hate to be the bearer of bad news: what you thought you knew about your favourite place to have the “best” Belgian waffles isn’t actually the best. Continue reading


Momofuku Obsession

207 Second Avenue, New York, NY

Never did I think it was possible, but the 4 months working in NYC had me exhausted of consuming steak and sushi (not together, obviously).  Since then I haven’t touched a single perfectly charred and seasoned juicy ribeye or vibrantly fresh and creamy uni.  This weekend was going to be all about trying popular tourist-y places that are actually good.

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NYC: East Side

I never really longed to go to NYC – that is, up until I had to spend 4 months there for work, in which case now that it’s over, I find myself constantly longing to go back.  There’s a never-ending supply of things to do, things to see, and things to eat.  I just can’t get enough of it.

After a 2 month hiatus, I finally returned last weekend.  Staying with a fellow foodie, not only were the days and nights occupied with om noms, but also gracious accompaniments to the Met and UES /East Village walks.  Here’s to discovering there’s so much more than what meets the eye; kudos to reddit bringing folks together. Continue reading

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

I’ve been labelled many things before, but mostly recently: a jet-setter.

There is no shortage of travelling opportunities at work.  For me, it’s living out of a suitcase for upwards of 80% of the job.

Since growing out of visiting Disney Princesses at the Magic Kingdom and annual “treacherous” rides on the Maid of the Mist/skee-balling for psychedelic top hats & oversized sunnies at the Midway, I haven’t been doing any leisurely travelling.  Needless to say, business trips really help fill the void.  It also gives you extra brownie points while your besties are raving about surfing in Hawaii, lounging in the Dominican, or riding elephants in Thailand.

While it’s true there are those not-so-glamorous places to be temporarily relocated, it’s always an experience that you’ll never forget (for better or for worse).  After-hours are a great way to venture the city; sneak in some shopping, sightsee, pay a visit to a local dive you saw on Triple and feeling right at home in the vicinity of other tourists.  Being a “Road Warrior” opens your eyes and sheds light on how small of a spec you really are, and how much of the world has yet to be seen.

Here’s a glimpse of my adventures in 2011…


The day I broke my 2011 New Years Resolution... *sigh*


Go Giants Go!

Om-freakin-noms @ Tomi Sushi (Santa Clara)

Yoda's got my back... LOL @ Pier 39

Kumamoto's, come to mama!

Welcome to Sausalito

Shoes off! @ Gochi (Cupertino)

Dreamforce @


"The Barn" aka Stanford

Google-Galore: Cycling @ the Campus


Monterey Bay Bound

Having too much fun rebelling against the "Do Not Touch" sign


En Route

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Castello di Amorosa

Wine Country

I don't have a clue about vino, but this Castle Food & Wine Pairing... oooh baby

Hahah, Grape Mascots @ Castello


Storm Trooper @ Hollywood

0 to 167 km/h in 7 seconds... @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

Santa Monica Pier

End of Route 66


The Boat House

Autumn @ Central Park

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

The Promenade @ Brooklyn

Brooklyn Skies

Grimaldi's: longest wait for pizza EVER.

Chrismukkah @ The Rock