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What is Gooey Butter Cake?

Gooey Louie

6483 Chippewa Street  St. Louis, MO

One last STL classic before departing; gooey butter cake.  Served as a coffee cake, it’s a butter and yellow cake crust with a cream cheese filling who’s product is similar to that of cheesecake.   Story goes this was a mistake that worked: a baker added incorrect proportions of the ingredients and ended up with a gooey mess that stuck.

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Panoramic View of St. Louis

Three Sixty Rooftop Bar

1 S. Broadway, St. Louis, MO

I think all restaurants with panoramic views end up being named the same thing (and rightly so); 360 degrees.

STL’s Three Sixty @ the Hilton, a rooftop bar (on the mere 26th floor), was no short of it.

No buttons in the elevator besides open/close... the Gandalf of elevators mans the station in the foyer

360 had an Emerald City vibe. View from the Top.

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Who eats Cupcakes for Dinner?

Stop #1

STL’ s best cupcake shop, the Cup by the Central West End.

325 East Walnut Street  Springfield, MO

the Cup

I had my eye on the limited edition Maple Bacon cupcake: maple brown sugar frosting, bacon-topped maple pecan cake, toasted pecans, and candied bacon; and couldn’t resist myself from the popular Tuxedo cupcake: vanilla buttercream, dark chocolate cake, and mini Oreo cookie.

Maple Bacon & the Tuxedo

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The Best Ribs (and Corn) I’ve Ever Had

Pappy’s Smokehouse

106 Olive Street  St. Louis, MO

Any trip to St. Louis would be incomplete without a nice rack of ribs.  After much googling, I decided on a place about 70 miles away for supposedly the best ribs in St. Louis.  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Pappy’s Smokehouse

As soon as you pull into the parking lot and swing the car door open, you’re surrounded by smoky barbecue essence.  The closer you walk to the entrance doors, the more pungent the woody flavours; quite reminiscent of the annual ribfest but a couple notches up.

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Highway to Hell

It’s only been 48 hours and St. Louis has proved to be quite the adventure…

What should have been a straightforward drive on I44 actually ended up being a treacherous drive up terrain and winding roads in pitch black with the occasional mammal literally demonstrating the deer in headlights look.

Google Maps thoughtfully planned out the easy route that would lead me straight to the hotel, but between blasting z107.7 (American version of z103?) and belching out to Kelly Clarkson & Adele, I veered off the proposed direction and started to create my own route.  Eventually (~20 minutes later), I noticed I was completely off the grid and finally looked at the GPS, which at that point had re-routed me to highway 100.

Two words: never again.

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Off to the Lou

Milkshakes @ Shake Shack… Blizzards @ DQ… what do they have in common? Knock-offs of the real deal:

Ted Drewes

6726 Chippewa Street, St. Louis, MO

– best known for their concretes

– original idea driving the popular shakes at Shake Shack, blizzards at DQ…

Ted Drewes

The Ultimate Test

the RIGHT way to enjoy mini concrete (outdoor park bench is also acceptable)